Celebrity Support

Kate Winslet credit:Frederic Auerbach

Kate Winslet joins the campaign

We are excited that Kate Winslet has added her support to the campaign to save the Gaol. Kate appeared on BBC South Today with Save Reading Gaol campaigner Toby Davies of Rabble Theatre.

Banksy gives campaign a boost

On the morning of March 1st Reading residents woke up to find the prison walls adorned with a wonderful new piece of artwork. A prisoner, possibly Oscar Wilde himself, is climbing down the prison wall with a typewriter. A few days later Banksy confirmed that it was his artwork.

Kenneth Branagh and Natalie Dormer lend their support

Save Reading Gaol campaigners are delighted that two stars with close ties to Reading have expressed their support for the campaign. Sir Kenneth Branagh lived in Reading for part of his childhood. Natalie Dormer, star of Game of Thrones, was born in Reading and attended Chiltern Edge and Blue Coat schools.