Reading Gaol Hugged

On Sunday 13th October 2019, about 1000 people joined hands surrounding Reading Gaol in a physical demonstration of our wish for it to be saved as an arts and cultural centre.

It was a wet day, but that didn’t deter participants, although it did deter the BBC drone. Fortunately, back in 2019, nobody had outlawed joining hands with strangers and hugging.

Before the actual hug Eddie Winship gave a rendition of his Reading Gaol Hug song and we heard briefly from the Mayor of Reading, Paul Woodward, Reading East MP Matt Rodda, Reading West MP, Alok Sharma, councillor Karen Rowland, Theatre and Arts Reading executive secretary, Hilary Scott, and event organiser Linda Saul.

T-shirt and logo design by Sally Castle

The Reading Gaol Hug was organised by the Reading Gaol Hug Society