Oscar Wilde on Trial

In 2016 RABBLE Theatre produced a new verbatim play, written by their associate writer, Beth Flintoff. Oscar Wilde on Trial told the story of the three trials that led to the eventual imprisonment of Wilde for his sexual orientation.

The play was staged inside The Old Chapel of Reading Gaol, where Wilde was seen making eye contact with a fellow prisoner. He was removed from the service and placed in a sensory deprivation cell for two weeks.

The production was permitted by MoJ to play for four nights, but the play sold out almost immediately. RABBLE, therefore, performed twice nightly, selling just under 3000 tickets. Many audience members came wearing Green Carnations and it was an occasion that will be remembered forever by all involved in the production.

“It will live with me forever. To be in that space telling that story with the very words spoken by Wilde and his accusers was an exceptional experience.” Dani Davies, Co Founder of RABBLE Theatre

Photo credits : Ian Legge